Get all the information you need to become a Kwidstar.

  • What Is Kwidstars?

    Kwidstars is a community of Renault Kwid owners who are passionate and believe in living more than just an ordinary life. These people are constantly looking for new experiences and keep their aspirations high. Know more about them by joining and stand a chance to become the next Kwidstar.

  • Is it necessary to register on the site to participate in the Kwidstars campaign?

    Yes, it is necessary for you to join the microsite. That will enable you to enjoy all the activities enlisted on it. Also, in the future we will be able to notify you about any interesting updates/events organised by us.

  • How do I register with

    Please visit the Kwidstars home page and click on the sign up tab.

  • Is there an age restriction to be a part of this site?

    No, there is no age restriction as such, only verified Kwid owners can join the microsite.

  • Is this site open for all to register or is it just for Renault car owners?

    This microsite is exclusively for Kwid owners to register.

  • Why am I being asked for my mobile number?

    If you don't remember your VIN number, then your phone number will help us verify your ownership. Also, in the future we will be able to notify you about any interesting updates/events organised by us.

  • What is VIN pin number?

    The car's vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identifying code for your Kwid. The VIN serves as the car's fingerprint, as no two Kwids in operation have the same VIN. A VIN is composed of 17 characters.

  • If I sign up and become a member of this site, then will I get benefits on service for my Kwid?

    No, as of now there are no Kwid service benefits on becoming a member of this microsite.

  • What kind of photos do I need to upload to become a Kwidstar?

    Kwidstars stands for all the Kwid owners who have the passion to live for more. We would like you to upload interesting moments from your life on your profile on this microsite to win a chance to feature on our Wall of Kwidstars page.

  • How frequently should I upload photos on my profile?

    The more frequently you upload your photos the more your chances increase to get featured on our Wall of Kwidstars.

  • Are my photos secure on this site?

    Yes, your photos are secure, and you do not have to worry about any kind of misuse or misrepresentation. This microsite is purely a medium to share our joy, passion and make memories because that is what Kwid stands for.

  • Can I add unlimited photos on my profile?

    Yes, you can add as many photos as you want.

  • How can I delete photos from my profile?

    Click on the bin icon, visible on the corner of your uploaded photo, to delete it.

  • I have forgotten my password. How do I proceed?

    On the home page, enter your username in the login box on the top right-hand corner, click on the forgot password link, and the password will be mailed to you on the email address registered with us.

  • What browser works best with

    Our website currently supports IE (version 7+), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and we are adding support for other browsers as well.

  • Is this site mobile friendly so that I can browse it through my phone?

    Yes, this site is mobile friendly, and you can easily browse it on your phone on the go.

  • Where can I get more information about Kwid?

    Please visit for more information on your Kwid.
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